Growing pains business coaching
Growing pains business coaching

Terms and Conditions

Payment of invoices for coaching are due within 7 days of electronic format presentation. Invoices are generated within 24 hours of coaching sessions. All invoices include VAT [for South African clients]. Payment to be made via EFT or payment gateway with a clear reference to paid invoice number.

A rejection fee of 50% of the total fee will be charged, if client cancels session within 72 hours of due date.

Road Transport will be billed at the AA rates for the round trip and any additional transport and lodging will be charged for at cost. Growing Pains Business Consulting assumes no responsibility for non-refundable airline-tickets, accommodation, deposits, or any other expenses incurred due to course cancellations.

Should training facilities need to be outsourced these costs will be invoiced to you at cost.

Transferring bookings from one person to another is permitted provided you have advised us prior to the commencement of the course/coaching session and we have acknowledged receipt of that advice.

If you are unable to attend any of the due dates to extenuating circumstances you must inform Growing Pains Business Coaching in writing.

Access to coaching throughout the month at no extra cost is only via electronic means - Telephone, text, platform communication and e-mail. Should you require your coach to physically see you, fees as per your quote, will be charged.

Communication turnaround times are at a minimum as follows: Email: 1 working day | Text: 12 working hours | Phone call: 12 working hours