Business Strategy involves the formulation and implementation of the major goals and initiatives taken by a companies owners, considering all of the company's resources and being cognisant of the internal and external environments in which the business operates.

Growing Pains Business Consulting provides overall direction to the business and involves specifying the long-term and short-term objectives, developing policies and plans designed to achieve these objectives, and then allocating resources to implement the plans. We practice this using numerous academic models and frameworks to assist in the strategic decision making in the context of complex environments and competitive industries.Strategy is not static in nature and our models include a control feedback loop to monitor execution and inform the next round of planning.

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Our Sales and Marketing approach is to build an integrated strategy reflecting the stages of the customer's buying journey through the sales pipeline, taking into account the rates of conversion and time lag in decision making, and reflecting the contributions of both sales and marketing to generating revenues and gaining new customers. 

We ensure clarity and understanding of the business objectives first, segmenting the target market and then define the solution and the range of services that should be offered. Together we define the companies position in the market, perform a competitor overview and will define a Unique Selling Proposition (USP), which will be emphasised in the marketing and sales activations and public relations. A broad strategic framework will be outlined and will include the key marketing channels, sales objectives and team responsibilities to fulfil the plan.

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A Human Resource (HR) strategy is an important component of HR management. It links people management directly to the strategic plan of your company. Businesses routinely complete financial plans to ensure they achieve organisational goals and while HR strategies are not common, they are just as important.

Growing Pains Business Consulting will create a strategic HR plan that will allow you to make HR management decisions now, to support the future direction of the business. Strategic HR planning is also important from a budgetary point of view so that you can factor the costs of recruitment, training and space into your organisation's operating budget.

The strategy will help you hire the right people at the right time and know what the right time looks like without being too rigid and inflexible to change as the business organically changes.

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