Are you the owner or CEO of a newly started to mature business who is experiencing frustrations in growing your business as well as finding solutions to topics such as sales and marketing, human resource, procurement, distribution, exit strategy and reporting functions?  Are you the decision maker that is looking for a fresh perspective, personal growth and new challenging ideas? Even successful, well-run businesses can learn and grow in this environment. If you are seeking assistance in making the right decisions or need a bit of inspiration that will positively impact your business, then we are looking to help you.

What We Achieve

  • Clarity and measurability of personal and company Goals.
  • Understanding the complete sales cycle and management of the sales pipeline.
  • Staff skills and requirements.
  • A defined interview processes.
  • An understanding of your management style and company culture.
  • Internal management accounts and a reporting dashboard tailored to your needs.
  • Understanding the accounting function and cash flow.
  • Pricing and discount modules that allow for sustainable growth at competitive prices.
  • Sales and marketing plans aligned to a time and financial budget.
  • An objective sound board that will always have the businesses best outcome at heart.
You get different kinds of smart people. Some are smart because they read books and talk philosophically about the world. Others, like Brent (aka Spillly), are smart because they know how to get things done, how to achieve real results, and how to have ideas that translate into working practice. This is the best kind of smart.
— Craig Rodney Managing Director, Cerebra Communication